Cordyceps Militaris Pure Powder

UOM: 50g bottle

Dimension: 125mm H x 90mm W x 75mm D 145g

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Cordyceps Militaris (50mg)

Cordyceps is a fungus found primarily in the high altitudes of the Tibetan plateau in China. This mushroom has been used for many centuries in China, and it is famed as the best herb to balance both yin and yang qi-energy. According to the 2005 Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Cordyceps is ranked highest as a supreme herb.

In pursuit of providing consistent and top quality Cordyceps, Herbal Treasure developed advance micro-environmental control techniques (MECT) with its renowned partner - the YangTze Delta Region Institute of the TsingHua University in Zhejiang - that yield the closest medical traits to its wild origin. Using top quality Cordyceps mycelium, our Cordyceps Militaris is cultivated in clean room factory conditions and tested to have excellent active herbal ingredients many times that of wild Cordyceps.

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia has indicated that Cordyceps can

Improve your immune system with high polysaccharides

Reduce fatigue syndrome with stimulation of hepatic metabolites

Assist the body system to detoxify, especially after chemical treatment

Improve kidney weakness presenting with lumbar and knee soreness

Improve lung functions, and general weakness


Fatigue syndrome              : Continuous fatigue, difficulty in sleeping

Kidney-related problems   : Pain in loin and knees, frequent urination

Lung related problem        : Chronic coughing and asthma, rhinitis.

Suitable as a supplement for patients recovering from major treatment.

Unsurpassed for daily health supplement and wellness

Recommended Maintenance Dosage:

Adult twice daily, each time 1 to 2 gram


It can be blended with your favourite beverage, soup, morning cereal, congee or just simply with plain water.

Suitable for vegtarians.

Store in a cool, dry place.