New Member Business Guide

SCPlus Business Guide

Getting Started

Being a SCPlus member, you should be fully geared up for new challenges and business opportunities ahead. However, taking that first step on your own can be challenging, but bear in mind that you are not alone. Your sponsor and of course, FutureTel will gladly guide you along. SCPlus business guide offers basic steps for you to focus on the important issues on building a strong foundation in this business.

  1. Read and understand the contents of the SCPlus presentation which includes SCPlus Products and Services, Rewards Plan, Membership's terms and conditions etc
  2. By applying the principle of duplication, work closely with your Sponsor and your downline members to establish a good working relationship
  3. Purchase some of the SCPlus products and services for your personal use or as a demo for your potential downlines
  4. Share the business opportunity with your friends and relatives. Sign them up, and watch your network expands

Getting Started on Signing Up Distributors

Familiarize yourself with SCPlus's membership terms and conditions, Service Plans and Sales Rewards Plan. Feel proud to be part of SCPlus and promote the name of SCPlus at every opportunity. List down the names of your friends, neighbours and relatives whom you would like to share the business opportunity with. Make appointments with them and meet them personally at their place or wherever is convenient to them. Be sincere and honest in your approach.

When presenting SCPlus sales and marketing plan, you should observe the following:

  1. Present the Business Opportunity Plan obtainable from SCPlus web site. Alternatively, you can also personalize your presentations with our existing materials. Explain the reasons why you join SCPlus.
  2. Relate your personal goals in life.
  3. Establish your prospect's goals in life.
  4. Listen carefully to your prospective members so that you can show how SCPlus business opportunity can help them.
  5. Respond to all questions.
  6. Answer as honestly and as fully as you can. If unsure, you can always check with your sponsor or SCPlus customer service officer.
  7. Do not treat questions as threats. Treat them as indicators of interest. Build credibility for you and the business. If your prospective members decide not to sign up immediately, you should follow up within the next couple of days to check if they have further questions. When your prospective members decide to sign up, set time and put in effort to assist them in understanding more on SCPlus Business Plan. It is not possible for them to fully understand the business plan by listening only once. However, it is also important to highlight to them that having good product knowledge at the same time is a must. Encourage your new Members to set goals on sponsoring. Help the new Members build a business which is balanced between sponsoring a user and sponsoring a distributor. As your group grows, you may want to find and motivate the potential members (those who want to build a business and willing to accept your assistance in doing it.) Do not feel discouraged when you meet people who do not wish to take up the business opportunity. The key issue is to consistently presenting SCPlus Business Opportunity whenever possible.
  8. In this networking business, your personal experience and success will be the most powerful influence on prospective Members.

Some Tips To Success:

Treat Your SCPlus membership like a Business

As a SCPlus Distributor, you own your own business. You are your own boss and you set your own sales goals. You have the flexibility to work part-time to supplement your existing income or full time to embrace a rewarding and stable career.

Be responsible to your downlines. As their Sponsor, you have the duty to give advices and assist them whenever possible.

Work Closely With SCPlus Products and Services

Although you might know SCPlus products and services very well but getting regular updates on new products and services and latest news from SCPlus is still necessary. Make it an effort to visit regularly SCPlus's web site. to check on latest promotions, upcoming services etc. so that you can serve your downlines better.

Follow Up With Your Downlines Regularly

From the SCPlus web site., you are able to view your downline listings and their Personal Sales. After monitoring, you may wish to do some follow-ups. E.g.

Case 1: Mr A is not recruiting anyone for the past one month; you can always call and check if he has met any difficulties in sponsoring or so.

Case 2: Mrs. B has maintained her PS for the past three months, but out of a sudden, she stop maintaining. In this case, you should follow up with her too.

SCPlus Ecommerce Web site.

Ecommerce business environment is one of the plus services that SCPlus provides for its members. It is proven very useful and user friendly. On the web site., you can:

Let's do it !